Written Assignment 6-MAR310OL-Professor's Response

Written Assignment 6-MAR310OL-Professor's Response - TESC...

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TESC MAR – 310 Principles of Sales, Section OL010 October 2011 Instructor’s response to assignment # 6 answers submitted by students. Dear Students, It was my pleasure to read your answers to Assignment # 6. The following is my academic feedback to your quality answers to Assignment 6 questions. I look forward to reading your future assignments. Sincerely, John N. Mellon, Ed.D., CFCS, CDEP Assignment #6 Question #1 Your boss has told you to provide a recommendation for either an in-house or a contract telemarketing operation. Your company has never used telemarketing as a sales approach. Which would you recommend and why? There are two approaches to telemarketing, the call response approach and the call generating approach, most people tend to think of telemarketing in the call generating approach, that is those annoying calls from sales people at dinner period or some other inconvenient time. The call response approach is the availability of regular phone service, 800 or 900 telephone numbers Telemarketing today is substantially more complex than it used to be, having said this I believe that with no experience in telemarketing operations it would be best to contact out this service. For telemarketing to be cost-effective, sales representative should be selective in their contacts focusing on clearly focusing on clearly defined target market. Questions that need to be answered: Who will train them?, What equipment will they need?, What will the equipment cost? And Do we lease or buy the equipment? I would recommend setting up an in-house telemarketing operation. A main problem that telemarketing companies face is the inability to retain quality employees. With an in- house operation, our company would be able to ensure that real salespeople are touting our products to customers on the telephone. Also, if there is a problem with the sales script, it can be revised quickly, before it leads to a large loss of sales or customer confidence. In-house. Hire experienced sales people for the new telemarketing service department, provide training, stress time management to the new employees and include commission for high level performance as part of their personal financial compensation.
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Contract telemarketing operations supply lead sheets for a company. First, I would do some research on how effective telemarketing companies are and what are their success rates. Can the telemarketing operation reach out to people that our territory managers can’t reach? Whoever does the work must be capable of selecting the target client list, developing any necessary advertising, preparing telemarketing scripts, handing the incoming or outgoing calls, managing product distribution, making collection calls, and coordinating all necessary customer service activities. If you choose to go with a telemarketing firm you can ensure the company is capable of conducting these operations. You maintain administrative control over the operation if you keep it in house and are
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Written Assignment 6-MAR310OL-Professor's Response - TESC...

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