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TESC MAR – 310 Principles of Sales, Section OL010 October, 2011 Instructor’s response to assignment # 5 answers submitted by students. Dear Students, It was my pleasure to read your answers to Assignment # 5. The following is my academic feedback to your quality answers to Assignment 5 questions. I look forward to reading your future assignments. Sincerely, John N. Mellon, Ed.D., CFCS, CDEP Assignment 5 1. If you were selling home electronic equipment, do you think you'd be most likely to suggest the purchase of related, new or better quality merchandise? Explain the reasons for your answer. Question # 1 student’s answers : Offering related merchandises…are the element of suggestion selling and during-and-post customer service. Suggestion selling takes place only after a customer’s primary need was met. Salespeople should define if a customer really needs related products by asking questions… Salespeople make a presentation then related items. For example, first present a refrigerator and then the built- in water filter system or additional shelves. Suggesting related items might be in order if the consumer will have a need for these, especially if they do not realize that need. For example, purchasing a new DVD player and to gain total fulfillment of the product by purchasing the proper connections to the TV. In reply to the above student’s answer, I (John Mellon) visited a store to purchase a new 5 speaker home sound system on Friday, December 15, 2006. The salesperson suggested that I purchase with the home sound system a new radio-DVD player. So, I did. A higher ticket item such as electronics is an emotional purchase for most consumers. Before I suggest equipment, I would first asked the customer questions to find out what their needs are. .. satisfy the customers’ needs and solve their problems. Then make suggestions allowing the customer to gain additional satisfaction with the original equipment. Demonstrate all the equipment. Show the capacities of the equipment starting from value to quality. Provide literature and third party testimonial.
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I would first qualify the customer. Are they looking for price, quality or a good buy? Then I would cross sell related items. The customer’s primary need must first be satisfied or they may feel you are not listening to them.
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