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TESC MAR – 310 Principles of Sales, Section OL010, October 2011 Instructor’s response to assignment # 1 answers submitted by students. Dear Students, It was my pleasure to read your answers to Assignment #1. The following is my academic feedback to your quality answers to Assignment 1 questions. The assignment included three (3) questions. I reviewed your answers for grading with each answer having a 33 point value. If that is not what you consider fair, please inform and support your reasoning. As further directions for adding strength to your answers, remember to include the 21 st Century sales directions as described via the book and/or video tapes. I look forward to reading your future assignments. Sincerely, John N. Mellon, Ed.D., CFCS, CDEP Assignment 1 1a. What factors might persuade a successful salesperson to turn down a promotion into sales management? Why might that person make such a choice, and why might it prove to be the preferable option? The major general answer to the question provided by students was that the advantages to remain a salesperson are greater than the advantages to become a sales manager. The reasoning included: Another factor that could make a salesperson have reluctance to move up to management, may be that the salesperson does not want to get involved in office politics. Not all sales people are “meant to be” managers, thus management is not for everybody. Salespeople enjoy being their own boss. Skills required to sell do not fully prepare a person to manage others, such as motivating other to continually sell more.
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Salespeople receive a psychic income when they land a new account or close an important deal. A strong possibility exists that their income as a sales manager may not increase in portion to their increase in responsibility. Sales managers are responsibility for training and may not seek to be “teachers”. Pass on the manager’s job is the added hassles associated with hiring and firing persons and the hassle of writing annual performance reports on subordinates. Because I am a good sales person, does not mean I will be a good manager. All of the above factors would persuade a successful salesperson to turn down a promotion into a sales management position. In a survey, 40 percent of the people who run corporations had moved up from sales into general management. Thus, salesperson to sales manager to …CEO. Our text book states, “The presidents of many of today’s companies began their career in the ranks of the sale force.” They (manager’s) are the ones that have to report a below average sales day and explain why. One student presented the following: For this assignment I considered two factors – compensation and job responsibilities. Studies dealing with incomes in the business community indicate that salespeople earn significantly higher incomes than most other workers. Some salespeople actually earn more than their sales managers and other executives within the organization. This high
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