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1. Outline why the culture of a country influences the cost of doing business in that country. Illustrate your answer with examples. Before we can articulate on how a culture of a country influences business practices, I guess we first have to understand what exactly is meant by culture. According Dr. J. F. Garcia (2010), “Culture is a system of communications that makes a human society possible and that incorporates the biological and technological behavior of human beings with their verbal and nonverbal system of experiencing behavior. The meaning of culture is the means to establishing modes of conduct, standards of performance, and ways of dealing with interpersonal and environmental relations that will reduce uncertainty and increase predictability, and thereby, promote individual and growth among members of society” (p. 1). Most people who engage in business activities overseas experience problems such as preferences meaning do not assume everyone has the same tastes and likes as you or your society. An employee in India may very well have a different view on a product
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