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TQ_U3_Salaries_1 1 BUSI 0018 – Hong Kong Taxation Tutorial Questions Unit 3 – Salaries Tax (1) Question 7 (a) Explain how the locality of employment is determined. (b) Explain the differences between the tax treatment of Hong Kong employment and non- Hong Kong employment. Question 8 Explain how a contract of service can be distinguished from a contract for service.
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TQ_U3_Salaries_1 2 Question 9 Mr. Lee, a director of a Canadian company, was asked to return to Hong Kong and work for the company’s subsidiary in Hong Kong as the chief executive officer on the following terms: 1. He entered into a separate employment contract with the Hong Kong subsidiary for a term of 3 years renewable. The contract was faxed to Canada and signed by Mr. Lee but the original contract was subsequently signed by the two parties in Hong Kong. 2. He was paid a monthly salary of Can$10,000. 30% of the salary was credited by the Canadian company into his bank account in Canada and 70% into his bank account in
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