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DQ 3 (2) - Predisposing factors can be linked to the...

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Figure 1.4 in your textbook lists factors that influence behavior change. Select one type of factor and describe it in detail. How might knowing about factors that influence change help you with personal development? I chose the predisposing factors. predisposing factors are our life experiences, knowledge, cultural and ethnic heritage, and current beliefs and values that influence behavior. Predisposing factors are the ones that we cant change or control, so its our enviroment or roots so to speak. Knowing what they are will help with my own personal developemnt, because i will know whats expected of me from my friends and family. even though these things are expected of me i dont have to nessary live by them.
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Unformatted text preview: Predisposing factors can be linked to the saying 'we learn by example' or 'monkey see monkey do' reinforcing factors. Reinforcing factors are the presence or absence of support, encouragement, or discouragement that important people in your life bring to a situation; employer actions and policies; health provider costs and access; community resources; and access to health education. This just means that it is the will or support from outside factors that are there to either help or hurt you. The book used the smoking example, to show that if you stop smoking but you still hang with the people that do...
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