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Week 2 DQ1 Refer to Figure 9.7 on p. 271 (Ch. 9) of the textbook. What information is shown in the My Pyramid Plan? What guidelines from the Pyramid Plan may be used to improve personal nutrition? Figure 9.7 My Pyramid Plan shows the new approach to dietary and exercise recommendations. Each section represents a food group, with the needs of the individuals in mind. One guideline we could use to improve personal nutrition is the serving size. Most people sont realize when they are eating something that it may be serving for two. so if you pick up a box of something and it says 100 calories per serving and the box is 2 servings and you eat the whole box then you are actually eating 200 calories instead of 100 Week 2 DQ2 After viewing Nutrition with John Stossel, how do you think understanding how to read a food label might benefit you? How might you utilize this information to improve your eating habits? After watching the video I think that reading labels is very important. The lable shows how much food there is a serving
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