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Unformatted text preview: DQ:1 According to Figure 11.1 in the textbook, what are some of the benefits of regular physical activity? Why is physical activity important, and how can it improve health and wellness? Joints Figure 11.1 list one of the major health-related benefits of regular physical activity and exercise is Joint health. Regular exercise aids the joints by increasing range of motion and by reduces the pain and swelling of arthritis. Another benefit that physical activity has on our body is improving our muscles. physical activity this strengthens and tone muscles. The last benefit that physical activity has on the body is improving the bones. Regular exerscise increases bone density, strengthens bones, and decreases risk of osteoporosis. After all is said and done physical activity improves the health and wellness of our body as a whole. We should exerscise more often to to feel better and healthy. DQ:2 After viewing 20/20 s video Personal Fitness and Exercise, why is it important to include both exercise and healthy...
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