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Transgenderism - against his parents and town could have...

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CF III ONE-PAGER 6 Transgenderism is a sensitive issue. Specially in today’s day and age, where society has become more tolerant and liberal in its outlook towards people belonging to different communities, ethnicities and groups, it becomes necessary to deal with such issues with utmost care. Therefore, in my opinion, the best genre for transgenderism is realism as portrayed in Ballad of Little Jo . No doubt, other genres such as humor in Ma vie en rose by Alain Berliner and avant garde in I Am my Own Woman by Rosa von Praunheim, were professionally dealt and handled with masterpieces. However, in my opinion, they tend to either underplay or overplay the actual issue. Ma vie en rose shows the innocence and softness of a little boy, Ludovic, who likes to dress up as a girl, initially to his parent’s humor and later annoyance. While watching the movie, his innocence touches the audience, and proves to be a light, fun watch. However, the gravity of the situation and Ludovic’s personal battle
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Unformatted text preview: against his parents and town could have perhaps been far more traumatic than shown by Berliner. The film deals with a serious issue with less seriousness than it deserves. I Am my Own Woman , on the other hand, overexposes the issue, pushing it to the extremes, to the point of causing discomfort to the audience. The film has explicit views on homosexuality and sexuality in general. Though Ballad of Little Jo boldly displays eroticism too, it keeps the story grounded without stretching it too far, unlike Praunheim’s film. The latter tends to have a dark and almost morbid feel to it. Ballad of Little Jo , however, realistically tells the story of Josephine. It does not make fun of her tragedy or personal problems and neither does it try too hard to evoke sympathy from the audience by overexposing. It makes it possible for the audience to connect with it by being simple, easy and just as it is....
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