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PROPOSAL FOR FRAGMENTATION Fragmentation is an important aspect of postmodern literature. I plan to compare the novel Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin and the movie Wild Strawberries by Ingmar Bergman. To begin with, both pieces seem to deal with individuals and their perspectives on life and personal problems. Giovanni’s Room deals with a homosexual man’s relationships with other men and women. It highlights his own feelings about his sexual orientation and the frustration that comes attached with it. It also addresses issues such as social alienation that results from being a homosexual in a European society. Hence, indirectly, it leads the reader to empathize with a man whose identity is challenged by society. Fragmentation typically lends to post modernism in the sense that it often appeals to a particular group of people with similar or special interests – homosexuals being the one in this case. It also challenges tradition and reason, by openly discussing a topic, which would otherwise have been
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