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Cultural Foundations III TRANSGENDERISM Transgenderism is a concept that has always existed in reality. However, it is only in more recent times that literature and cinema have given it open recognition. This can be viewed as a direct consequence of an increasingly liberal society that slowly began to accept its existence. Fragmentation and post modernism in the film and literature media, which often sought to portray unorthodoxy and nonconformity through their subjects, also fairly contributed to it. Today, the theory of transgendersm is open to personal interpretation for those who are studying it. For instance, Ballad of Little Jo by Maggie Greenwald, Ma vie en rose by Alain Berliner and I Am my Own Woman , are three such films that illustrate transgenderism in three different lights. The protagonist in each film faces identity crisis arising from being non- conventionally gendered. However, the difference lies in the treatment meted out to the subjects by the directors of these films. Ma vie en rose is a film that deals with a sensitive issue like transgenderism with humor. Berliner’s input of humor in the film is not blatant, but comes to the audience in little doses of amusing dialogues or situations. For instance, the idea of Ludovic, the protagonist, often dressing up as a girl or admiring a blond poster girl’s face on the streets can appear comic. Ludovic’s
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3 Pager - Cultural Foundations III TRANSGENDERISM...

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