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Lab7 Quiz - QUIZ Lab 7 Phylogenetic Relationships 1 A...

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Unformatted text preview: QUIZ: Lab 7 - Phylogenetic Relationships 1. A synapomorphy is a A. uniquely derived character B. a shared, primitive character ‘ C. a primitive character @ shared, derived character 2. The wings of birds and bats are of wings indicates . A. autopomorphic, a distant relationship B. plesiomorphic, a distant relationship @analogous, nothing about their relatiOnship /D./synapomorphies, a close relationship therefore their shared possession 3. Cladistic classification A. relies on overall similarity / B. uses only homoplasies ©1ses only synapomorphies D. uses only symplesiomorphies @Analogy (in biology) refers to A. similarity of a feature in different taxa due to common ancestry B. a feature shared by more than one taxon @similarity of a feature in different taxa due to common function M feature unique in a species 5. In phylogenetics, highly; 42¢? f$f~M0’I"[ is the principle where the preferred hypothesis is the one that requires the least evolutionary change to explain some observed data. / 6. 2 El Q fig M olflé IQ! are uniquely derived characters. ...
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