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Unformatted text preview: 1. Monogamy: In this social setting there is one male and one female. It can be seen in for instance gibbons. It is a female reproduction strategy due to the fact that the male in this scenario attempts to defend a certain territory for the female. Thus, both the offspring and the mother are ensured to have sufficient resources. 2. Polygyny: In this group setting there is at least one male and several females. Social interaction plays a key role in polygyny and has probably led to the evolution of certain brain capabilities. Males have to develop complex tactics in order to win females for reproduction, which is not needed in one male groups. This social behavior can for instance be seen in gorillas. 3. Multimale Polygyny: A male attempts to gather as many females as possible. However, as the size of a group increases the one male faces increasing competition from the outside. In this case the male has two options. Either he can fend off his competitors, which brings along the danger of getting injured or tolerate some males and...
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