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Normality Abnormality

Normality Abnormality - is unable to distinguish between...

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The Classification, diagnosis and causes of mental disorder One way to define normal behavior is through a normal curve. P. 763 In that case the “behavior that occurs most frequently is viewed as normal. p.763 So behavior that deviates from the defined norm can be seen as abnormal behavior. One also has to consider the cultural background of an individual in order to define abnormal behavior. P.763 “Another suggested definition investigates how an individual’s behaviour affects people’s “lives, or their social group.” p.764 Personal distress a symptom of abnormal behavior. p.764 In law abnormality or insanity is defined by a lack of responsibility of an individual for his or her actions. p.764 Insane: “A legal term used to describe a person who is not of sound mind and
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Unformatted text preview: is unable to distinguish between right and wrong”. p.764 • Models of abnormal Behavior The psychoanalytic Model “Conflicts between the three facets of the personality, id, ego, and superego, produce defence mechanisms and anxiety which may be maladaptive.”p.765 The physiological or medical model “This model views abnormality as an illness which can be treated by physical methods…” p.765 The learning theory model “Operant conditioning looks at voluntary responses, which are repeated because they are rewarded or reinforced.” p.765 So especially young children might learn a faulty response to a situation from their parents. The • Usually an individual has a concept of what is “normal behavior” p.764...
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