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Chem_340_Homework_Set_6_Spring_2012 (1) - CHEM 340 Physical...

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1 CHEM 340 Physical Chemistry for Biochemists I Spring 2012 Homework Set No. 6 Due on Friday, February 24, 2012 1. Which of the following processes is spontaneous? a. The reversible isothermal expansion of an ideal gas b. The vaporization of superheated water at 102°C and 1 bar c. The constant pressure melting of ice at its normal freezing point by the addition of an infinitesimal quantity of heat d . The adiabatic expansion of a gas into a vacuum 2. Why are S fusion and S vaporization always positive? 3. Under what conditions does the equality S = H / T hold? 4. You are told that S = 0 for a process in which the system is coupled to its surroundings. Can you conclude that the process is reversible? Justify your answer. 5. Consider the reversible Carnot cycle with 1 mol of an ideal gas with C V = 3/2 R as the working substance. The initial isothermal expansion occurs at the hot reservoir temperature of T hot = 600°C from an initial volume of 3.50 L ( V a ) to a volume of 10.0 L ( V b ). The system then
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Chem_340_Homework_Set_6_Spring_2012 (1) - CHEM 340 Physical...

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