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A1-1 - A1-1 The Hershey CompanyKristin VanStrateAn ethical...

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Unformatted text preview: A1-1 The Hershey CompanyKristin VanStrateAn ethical issue is a set of moral values. Ethical behavior pertains to values of right and wrong. Ethical decisions and behavior are directed by a value system both personal and business. Honesty, trust, fairness, loyalty, responsibility are all associated with ethical behavior. When deciding what to do in an ethical dilemma you want to analyze the consequences of the actions you might possibly take. The Hershey Company plans to gain an advantage over its competitors to make money and maximize profits. Management at the Hershey Company did make an ethical decision. The company’s revenue exceeded the expenses which resulted in a net loss. It’s the best interest for a company to increase their net income. The company is expanding and their costs need to become more competitive so their net cash flow isn’t negative. Hershey’s management reviews the financial statements to assure the company that their claims will be paid. They want to invest money from statements to assure the company that their claims will be paid....
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