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Pr. 1- 2 - $121,320 k Total liabilities and stockholders...

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Name: Kristin VanStrate Section: Chapter 1 Problem 1-2 Enter your response in the space below. 1. Enter the appropriate amount or formula in the shaded cells. An asterisk (*) will appear in the column to the right of an incorrect amount. 2. a. Wages expense $12,900 b. Net income $27,720 c. Net income for April $27,720 d. Dividends $14,400 e. Retained earnings, April 30, 2008 $13,320 f. Land $86,400 g. Total assets $124,200 h. Capital stock $108,000 i. Retained earnings $13,320 j. Total stockholders' equity
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Unformatted text preview: $121,320 k. Total liabilities and stockholders' equity $124,200 l. Cash received from customers $56,400 m. Net cash flows from operating activities $28,200 n. Net cash flows from financing activities $93,600 o. Net cash flow and April 30, 2008 cash balance $35,400 La Jolla Realty business would be classified as a service business. They sell land to customers, but mostly provide services to customers by seeling land....
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