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Unformatted text preview: © 2009 Right Management. Al Rights Reserved. Focusing Your Career Search Lunch and Learn Introduce self and Right Management. “Both Continental and United asked us to come in to help you prepare to present yourself in the most favorable way possible if and when you interview for positions within the new, merged organization. So we are here today to help you start that preparation by focusing on your career search. This will be followed by 2 additional lunch and learn sessions on developing a resume to effectively market yourself, and on interviewing. We are happy that you are here to take advantage of the benefit your company is providing to help you succeed.” Agenda for this session: •Review the Zeroing In Process – for the internal transition •The importance of Self Assessment & Branding – be able to articulate your strengths and value is the first critical step in the process •Looking for a good fit means that it has to match… •What you want •What do you offer •What does the organization want •Identifying Options & Making Decisions •Strategies to help you succeed in times of transition 1 2 The Right Redeployment Z.I.P.® Model The Zeroing In Process, or ZIP Model, gives us a picture of what is involved in ANY job transition. It is parallel to the sales process. You are a product and you have to sell that product. This is true whether you are looking for a job internally or externally. Preparation When selling a product, the first thing you have to do is thoroughly know your product – it’s features and benefits. If you are the product, your features would be your skills, experience, education, interests, values, etc. - anything that makes up the person you are is a feature. How you’ve used those features to help your past employers are your benefits, and we call those accomplishments. They are specific concrete examples that show not just what you did, but how well you did it. Once you know your product and what you want your product to do, you then need to develop your marketing collateral – your resume. Then the question is Who’s going to buy the product, so we now need to develop a marketing plan. All that takes place in the first phase of the model, Preparation. Market Research The marketing plan moves us into Market Research, where now you want to find out as much as possible about the areas you’re targeting. If this is internal, it would focus on the types of positions in this organization that would be a fit for you. What departments are they in? What types of activities do they conduct? How do they relate to other areas in the organization – or externally? This research will primarily happen through networking – talking to people....
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careerSearchPPT(1) - © 2009 Right Management. Al Rights...

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