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Information Technology for Managers Spring 2012 - Project/Report Guidelines You are required to work on an individual project, submit a final report and present your findings/work to the class at the end of the semester. Here are the specific guidelines: 1. Since most of you are working students, you should work on a project of your choice related to your work. 2. Please make sure you do not divulge any proprietary information of your employer. Please respect patent, trademark and copyright laws. 3. Your project should involve Information Technology Systems/Software that you use or are familiar with. 4. It is an investigative report, not a summary report. That means for a good grade, you must demonstrate that you did some investigative/innovative work. 5. There will be extensive questions and answers during your presentation. So select a topic appropriately and be thorough in your preparation for the presentation. We will all learn from your presentation.
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