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Information Technology for Managers 22:198:504 Section 51 (Spring 2012) Thursday 8:30AM – 11:20AM JLB-107C Instructor: Sheema Mirchandani Email: Course Website: Text Book: Information Technology for Managers: George W. Reynolds eBuisness for Managers: S. Adhikari Course Description and Goals: The objective of this course is to study management’s role in the development and use of information systems that help businesses achieve their goals and objectives. Information Technology (IT) has been the driving force behind the new way of doing business. IT has enabled modern organizations to make tremendous strides in productivity, has opened new markets, and has created new product and service opportunities. Managers should understand how IT could help to organize the complexity of modern organizations, manage relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees, and improve work efficiency. In this course we will use a real software product, understand how it is developed, and how
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syllabus_nb - Information Technology for Managers...

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