Dehydration assignment

Dehydration assignment - Dehydration occurs when a person...

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Dehydration occurs when a person is not getting enough fluids into their bodies. To solve this problem, a person must have to drink more fluids, or water. You need to be healthy to have a healthy body. You should always make sure you are getting the proper amount of fluids that your body needs otherwise it can be life threatening. Water is essential for the body because it maintains fluid balance throughout the body. The majority of the body is made up of water. You need to have enough water in your system to regulate your body and stay healthy. Some of the examples of what water does for your body are things like; moistening the eyes, helping to chew and break down food through the mixture of your saliva, and to lubricate your body's joints. Although, the most important function of water is its regulatory response in the chemical reactions. Water always regulates and maintains your body temperature, making sure it is constant. If you are dehydrated, you can most likely run a fever because your body cannot maintain its temperature. One of the things that water does is makes the evaporation of sweat, which essentially cools the body. When you are hot, sweating helps cool you down. [Another function water has is its ability to be solvent. Water partakes in chemical reactions because many
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Dehydration assignment - Dehydration occurs when a person...

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