A New House Risks and Benefits Week 5

A New House Risks and Benefits Week 5 - to mortgage rates...

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There are different government bodies that can influence the national fiscal policies, but the Federal Reserves, which determines the increase plus the decrease on the rates of interest, is one of the influences. A preview would be when rates decrease, a lot more money would be put back into the economy. And with more money in the economy, the rates of interest will be trigger down, and may increase the need for the housing market. Another influence is the Federal Tax Benefits and The Treasury Department. The program for the Affordable Home Refinance is for home buyers that have a history payment with Freddie Mac or Sallie Mae. The lending rates seem to be the issues that can affect the national fiscal policies when it comes
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Unformatted text preview: to mortgage rates, housing starts and prices. This allows lenders to borrow money through the Federal Reserve for home mortgages and the start up for housing. Then as more rates increase, this may make more of the cost for house increase. But if the rates become too high, the prices of homes may begin to decline. I recommend for the risks and benefits for buying a home with the above considerations, is that all first time home buyers consider buying with the knowledge on The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, which was created by Congress to help first time home owners with a credit for taxes of $8,000, that was lengthen to go pass the June 2010 date....
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