Supply and Demand Paper

Supply and Demand Paper - Supply and Demand Paper Randy...

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Supply and Demand Paper Randy Metris II XECO 212 Travis Hayes 3/11/12 The last big purchase that was recently bought is a 3d television. Electronics have always been fascinating with home entertainment systems such as televisions and stereo equipment. The first time I saw a Nintendo back in 1987 the technical knowledge came to me with no knowledge at all on how things worked. From that part in my life my instincts and knowledge have grew for home entertainment. With technology it grows in leaps and bounds and is present in the home entertainment products at the nearest retailor of these particular goods. When a new electronic device goes on the market at first, the price is increased for advancement increases as the technology increases. If a brand new state of the art computer or television, the chances of advancement in technology will be outdated with a similar, but better product to offer the consumer. For an example a couple years ago I bought a television and not 4 months latter there was a similar television with better qualities for the same price. Now this year everyone is buzzing about the newest technology and the future of entertainment. With 3D viewing on the television being sold in the present have an increase price of these televisions and
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Supply and Demand Paper - Supply and Demand Paper Randy...

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