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Formal lab lab 3 - Biofuels I II III Experiment Tom Lee SID...

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Biofuels I, II, III Experiment Tom Lee SID: 21846711 Chemistry 1A Section 620 GSI: Will Hudson 28 October 2010
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Abstract The overall goal of this experiment is to determine which biofuel, ethanol or biodiesel, is more suitable for vehicles, considering the health effects, the fuel efficiency, its sources, and synthesis. First part of the experiment determines the toxicity of the different biofuels using radish seeds. Second part synthesizes biodiesel. The last part of the experiment burns ethanol and the synthesized biodiesel to measure the heat of combustion of the biodiesel after using ethanol as a standard to calibrate the calorimetry apparatus. The result of the experiment is that Biodiesel is a more suitable biofuel than ethanol when all the previous aspects mentioned are taken account of. Introduction The three part experiment on biofuels is being performed to measure three factors: the ecotoxicity of the biofuels, the synthesis of the biofuels, and the heat of combustion of the biofuels. From this experiment, chemists can use the factors such as the sources, synthesis, health effects, and efficiency of the fuel sources to evaluate each biofuel. The evaluation of the biofuels can then determine which kind of biofuel is most suitable for vehicle to use. In this lab write-up, I will compare ethanol and biodiesel. Part one of the experiment involves seed germination. The data will measure the percent germinated and the average root length of seeds which germinated. Part two of the experiment is the synthesis of biodiesel from vegetable oil. The data recorded in this part will be used in the final part of the experiment. Part three of the experiment involves the combustion of the biofuel made in part two of the experiment. The data here will show the amount of biodiesel and ethanol burned in grams and the temperature change of the water resulted from the burning of the two fuels. Along this experiment, data on how hazardous various biofuels are and their health effects they have are collected as well. The three parts of this experiment is suitable for the evaluation of the biofuels and determining which one of them is the best. The first part of the experiment uses radish seeds to see how different biofuels affect the growth of plants. The data obtained can be used to evaluate the toxicity of each biofuel and the health effect they have on human. The second part of the experiment allows chemists to see the synthesis process of the
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Formal lab lab 3 - Biofuels I II III Experiment Tom Lee SID...

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