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Mass Spectrum of benzylcinnamate

Mass Spectrum of benzylcinnamate - WP mnw Poo“ wm mo mm...

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Unformatted text preview: WP mnw Poo“ wm mo mm mo um <0 mm mo mm mo pm go mm we mm mo Hm Ho m 0 mo u. mm Hombn" flu mo mH . zmH Um mfiombmn mH+ Emosmn wbznmw mbHummHmwwm aHnuawmwmmwm mwmmmnm>bb WHHm HmXHNVMUmwmmZ q How. Hoo HHm H o Hue >09” Hag H.o I. a! 0. v.0 Hum Huo How woo +.n mmo m o mwm N.o N.o Mno 93m 935 92% mama 938 923 pamm mem Fomm 993 up? mama Mama mgmm Pomm Eda Hpmm mgmm 93m wrwmm o.omo w.o B\N ...
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