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Unformatted text preview: Information Technology Information Data Processing as a business need Prof. Adnan Khalid Data Processing as a Business Need Need Electronic data processing is growing because it is capable of handling a vast amount of data efficiently and accurately. Demands of Modern Business Demands Number of transactions Cost Accuracy Speed Selectivity Information Record Keeping Service Service Mechanization Number of Transactions Number Number of transactions increase Number with the growth in the size of business. business. Computer, with its high speed Computer, and capacity can process thousands of records. thousands Computer processes records Computer better than any previous method. better Cost Cost Competitive pressure has made it essential for companies to adopt computerized data processing. Large number of transactions increase labour cost and hence electronic data processing is more feasible. Accuracy Accuracy Businesses require great Businesses accuracy in many areas. accuracy Calculations must be performed Calculations accurately and an error of fractions can create a great problem. problem. Electronic processing Electronic data performs thousands of calculations with virtually no errors. errors. Speed Speed Pace of modern business is fast. Decisions must be taken on short notices. Computer can process at a speed unequalled by any other means. Selectivity Selectivity Business people demand selectivity in the way data is reported. Manually, it is hard to present the data in different ways. Computers can display the same data in different ways and angles. Information Information Good decision-making is Good essential for success of a business. business. Computer generates information Computer precisely and quickly. precisely Record Keeping Record Computers can keep large amounts of records. It takes large space to store the records manually. Computers can store large number of records for long times Service Service It is difficult to provide customer service manually. Computerized customer service has become extremely popular because of its speed and efficiency. ...
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