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Title: 3 Lessons About Meetings from the Forest Word Count: 424 Summary: We can learn important lessons everywhere. Here are 3 lessons about effective meetings that came from a visit to Sequoia National Forest. Keywords: Article Body: Here are three lessons about meetings that came from a walk through the forest. 1) Giant Sequoias These marvelous trees are a living example that some things take time. True, we need to work with a sense of urgency. We need to do more with less. We need to move faster than the speed of chaos. And we also need to be appropriate. Rushing through some issues can produce false solutions. For example, a group slams together an annual plan, only to find that the plan ignores real market conditions, organizational limitations, and individual support. The result is a document that no one uses. For example, a powerful group makes a decision without listening to other people's ideas. And then a bad situation becomes worse. In fact, sometimes the neglected side retaliates with such force that the original group loses status.
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3_Lessons_About_Meetings_from_the_Forest - Title 3 Lessons...

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