MARKETING PLAN - Everyones Gasoline Problem Recent history...

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Everyone’s Gasoline Problem Recent history of Gasoline pricing in NC The price of gasoline is a major interest to almost everyone in the United States and almost everywhere in the world. It seems that every month and sometimes more frequently, gas prices are spiking or dropping, never staying stable. Gasoline prices are affected by many factors, including the price of crude oil in the world market, supply and demand for gasoline, local market competition, temporary supply interruptions, government regulations, or taxes. In recent years, the world's appetite for gasoline and diesel fuel grew so quickly that suppliers of these fuels had a difficult time keeping up with demand. We all know the situation with gasoline prices for the resent several years. The prices for gasoline had been changed rapidly, while the demand for it did not. Crude oil accounts for 55% of the price of gasoline, while distribution and taxes influence the remaining 45%. Usually, distribution and taxes are stable, so that the daily change in the price of gasoline accurately reflects oil price fluctuations. Occasionally, however, distribution lines are disrupted or are down for maintenance, which can increase the price of gasoline even when oil prices are down. To understand why the gas prices fluctuate so much we will analyze the relationship between
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MARKETING PLAN - Everyones Gasoline Problem Recent history...

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