BUS210 Week 8 Assignment - Associate Level Material...

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Associate Level Material Appendix E Hardware/Software Components In your own words, describe the following hardware/software components Legacy systems The hardware and software components of a company’s IT system. Legacy systems cost companies billions of dollars to develop and takes employees and managers many hours to set up. Mainframe computers Mainframe computers started out to be as big as a two-story house then they became the size of a living room. Many companies use mainframes as the center, or hub other information processing and storage systems. Microprocessors These computer were created in the hopes that employees could have a computer at their desks so they were able to do their work. These computers were not very suitable for computing but opened the doors for the development of the computers we use today. PCs PC’s or personal computers were in the workings starting in the 1970’s but the first PC wasn’t released until 1981 by IBM. Later they were able to develop the software for the PCs and
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BUS210 Week 8 Assignment - Associate Level Material...

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