basketball - Howard does lift the elbow, he looks innocent,...

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There’s 2 minutes and 53 seconds left and MAGIC get 2 more points than LAKER.GASOL gives sideline ball to Kobe, kobe tried to attack, fade away shot, 41 to 41, Nelson is running with the ball, across the front court,:Y kobe is in a good state ,10 shots 6 field goal, J yeah, he is. Y oh see it, Howard takes pick-and-roll and knock down Fisher, Howard gets charging foul, what do you think of the decision of the referee? J: I didn’t see it clearly , let’s see if there is playback, oh ,
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Unformatted text preview: Howard does lift the elbow, he looks innocent, oh, they argues with each other, Fisher seems to say : oh Howard, you are being disrespectful to me player union president, pay cutting problems rely on me, howard seems don’t care. Kobe plays well recently, not only attacking , but also has high field goal percentage, and can give teammates more chance to attack by fast breaking. Howard’s substitude will affect Magic’s defence, Lakers can attack to basket....
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