DT #2 Healthstyle - Health 11

DT #2 Healthstyle - Health 11 - [quote] 1. This DT is...

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[quote] 1. This DT is intended to provoke critical thought about your personal health status, your lifestyle and behaviors that lead to poor health. · Complete the “Healthstyle” self-assessment, located under Discussion Topic #2 Resources. What was your score? Does your lifestyle place you at risk for disease, illness, or injury? [/quote] When I took the “Healthstyle” self-assessment test, my score varies from average / middle risk to low risk in certain health related behaviors. Here is a breakdown of my scores: Tobacco – 3 / 4 Eating Habits – 5 /10 Exercise and Fitness – 5 / 10 Stress Management – 10 / 10 Safety – 9 / 10 The lifestyles that I have right now place me in a medium to high risk of contracting chronic diseases. My tobacco use, eating habits, and exercise and fitness are my problem areas and the areas that need improvement. I’m prone to diseases in the mouth and lungs from tobacco use. I’m also prone to high blood pressure, obesity, etc. or any diseases that is the result of bad eating habits. [quote]
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DT #2 Healthstyle - Health 11 - [quote] 1. This DT is...

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