DT #4 Stress management - Health 11

DT #4 Stress management - Health 11 - [quote=Virginia Smith...

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[quote=Virginia Smith] Stress (DT#4): Due 4 July 2011 by 11:45 P.M. Review : Chapter 3 - Stress and Its Management View: Videos 1 - 4. From the videos and your textbook, describe some warning signals of stress overload and discuss how high stress levels are detrimental to physical health and how it affects psychological health. [/quote] Stress is part of everyone's life. Most people don't realize that often the joys in life can bring on as much stress as the sorrows. Starting a new job, for example, can be every bit as stressful as being laid off. While distressful circumstances can do more damage, all situations, positive and negative, associated with some type of adjustment can be stressful. Signs of Stress Overload Unlike having an abscessed tooth or a case of the measles, the signs of stress can be much less obvious. You may not realize when you've reached stress overload until your overstretched coping abilities snap back and hit you in the face. It's easier to recover if you don't let things get that far. While people react to stress in different ways there are several common physical and psychological symptoms. Here are a few you can watch out for: Physical tension in your neck and/or shoulders, you know that crick in your neck that won't go away Gastrointestinal problems, including heartburn, diarrhea and increased bouts of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a condition which affects twice as many women as men Gain or loss of appetite, lack of interest in food or overeating to comfort yourself
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DT #4 Stress management - Health 11 - [quote=Virginia Smith...

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