Supply Chain and Channel Management

Supply Chain and Channel Management - Supply Chain and...

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Supply Chain and Channel Management: Chapter 15 Supply chain management - set of approaches and techniques firms employ to efficiently and effectively integrate their suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, stores and transportation intermediaries into a seamless operation in which merchandise is produced and distributed in the right quantities to the right locations, and at the right time, as well as to minimize systemwide costs while satisfying the service levels their customers require Wholesalers- firms that buy products from manufacturers and resell them to retailers, and retailers sell products directly to consumers Marketing Channel- set of institutions that transfer the ownership of and move goods from the point of production to the point of consumption; consists of all the institutions and marketing activities in the marketing process Logistics management- the integration of two or more activities for the purpose of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient flow of raw materials, in-process inventory and finished goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption Supply Chains Add Value Distribution center- facility for the receipt, storage, and redistribution of goods to company stores or customers, may be operated by retailers, manufacturers, or distribution specialists Making Information Flow: Flow 1 (customer to store )- Universal Product Code (UPC)- black and white bar code found on most merchandise; contains a 13 digit code that indicates the manufacturer of the item, a description of the item, information about special packaging and special promotions Flow 2 (Store to Buyer)- the point-of-sale terminal records the purchase information and electronically sends it to the buyer at the corporate office
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Supply Chain and Channel Management - Supply Chain and...

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