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Organization pt 2 PPH - Organization pt 2 (Public...

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Unformatted text preview: Organization pt 2 (Public Infrastructure) Classification of Infrastructure Sources of funding Responsibilities Organizational structure (Major types) o Governmental o Quasi-governmental o Non-governmental Governmental Health Agencies Funded primarily by tax dollars Managed by governmental officials Authority for some geographic area of health Levels o International o National o State o Local International World Health Organization (WHO) History o UN charter in 1945 established the need o Begun in 1948-world health day (4/7) Organization o Membership open to countries that ratify constitution o Headquarters located in Geneva, Switzerland Purpose o Attainment by all peoples of the best possible level of health o Most work carried out in poor countries National Health Agencies Department of Health and Human Services o Principal agency for protecting the health of all Americans and providing essential human services Organizational Structure o 12 operating divisions o Largest department in federal government Approximately 60,000 employees total About 25% of annual federal budget Selected Operating Divisions of HHS Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) o Serves as the national focus for...
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Organization pt 2 PPH - Organization pt 2 (Public...

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