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Unformatted text preview: George Baciu Q00: Data Structures and Algorithms 10 January 2012 Quiz 00: Lecture 01 Introduction to DSA Introduction This quiz will be mainly a course reference quiz to get you started on the material and know where all the information is. Please check periodically for messages and announcements on the course website. http://www.comp.polyu.edu.hk/~csgeorge/comp305/lec/ Good luck! 1. A lgorithms Know how to count: 1. Steps in an algorithm 2. Loops Do you know what the algorithm to the right does? 2. C omplexity Functional complexity is important. Do you remember your polynomials? Please revise your basic polynomial algebra and the shape of basic functions like: 1. F(n) = c 2. F(n) = n 3. F(n) = n2 Can you explain what they are and how they work? More in the Lecture 1 notes! 1 ...
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