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HSM-260- Appendix-C - $100.00 Prepaid rent and deposits $-...

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AXIA COLLEGE MATERIAL: APPENDIX C Anna Borsick- AED-202- 11/20/11- Marilyn Walke $- INDIVIDUAL STATEMENT OF EARNINGS (OR THE STATEMENT OF ACTIVITES) (Previous 6 months) Revenue Pay Check $4,779.24 Interest $0.12 Total Revenue = $4,779.36 Expenses Rent or Mortgage $882.00 Utilities $66.00 Gas $90.00 Telephone $270.00 Food $600.00 Other $360.00 Total Expenses = $2,268.00 Excess of Revenues Over Expenses= $2,511.36 STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION (OR THE BALANCE SHEET) Assets Current assets: Cash $94.00 Investments
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Unformatted text preview: $100.00 Prepaid rent and deposits $- Total Current Assets = $194.00 Property and equipment, net: House (if owned) $- Furniture $2,400.00 Auto (if owned) $1,500.00 Total property and equipment = $3,900.00 $6,705.36 Liabilities Current liabilities: Total Credit Card Balance $- Noncurrent Liabilities: School Loan ### House Loan $- Car Loan $- 19,00.00 Net Assets Net Assets = Total Assets - Total Liabilities ### Total of all Assets = Total of all Liabilities =...
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