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EE321 Spring 2010 Homework 8 Problem 1 – Hysteresis Current Control Consider a machine with an armature resistance of 1 , a voltage constant of 0.05 Vs, and an armature inductance of 3 mH. Suppose it is fed from a dc source of 20 V, using a chopper circuit with a 1 V forward switch drop and a 0.8 V forward diode drop. Suppose the desired torque is 0.1 Nm. Compute the hysteresis level h such that the maximum switching frequency is limited to 30 kHz. For this value of h plot the switching frequency versus speed as the speed varies from 0 to 300 rad/s. Problem 2 – Discrete Winding Function The number of conductors in each slot of the a-phase of the stator of the machine
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Unformatted text preview: are as follows: [ ] T as N 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4----= Compute and graph the winding function associated with this winding. Suppose the b- and c-phase conductor arrangement is the same, except moved back by 2 and 4 slots, respectively. What would be the total number of conductors in each slot (as an absolute value). Would it be the same for every slot ? Problem 3 – Continuous Winding Function Suppose the turns (conductor) density of a winding function is given by ) 3 / 2 8 cos( 262 π φ-= r br n Compute the rotor b-phase winding function in terms of position measured from the rotor....
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