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February 2010 In this issue… What is Powder Metallurgy? • Powder Injection Moulding Research • Triodent uses Powder Metallurgy to Innovate • Why use Titanium? i Powder Metallurgy was first developed over 75 years ago and now includes many different consolidation methods which allow extremely high-quality metal components to be manufactured with precision so there is little or no need for further machining. Metal powders are usually produced by either chemical or mechanical means and are then consolidated into a desired shape or high performance coating using a wide variety of techniques. These consolidation methods include: Compacting/sintering Injection moulding Spray forming Laser deposition/laser sintering Hot isostatic pressing/cold isostatic pressing Foam structures Screen printing Coating (like PVD or Plasma Spray) Hot working processes ie extrusion, rolling and forging Powder Metallurgy is now widely used by the automotive, electronics, military, medical and dental industries, as well as in the manufacture of power tools, household appliances and other machines. It is particularly well-suited for complex geometry and miniaturised parts as computer aided design leads to quicker development times, cheaper development costs and more efficient and lightweight products. Other advantages of Powder Metallurgy include superior material properties, over 98 per cent density, high production capacity and almost zero waste. Since 1935 Powder Metallurgy has provided the ability to make alloys which could not be made in any other way. Certain metals and alloys – particularly those with very high melting points – are very difficult to produce by traditional melting and casting methods. Powder Metallurgy is also a highly efficient process because labour costs have little impact. Instead the design and materials used are of greater importance. As a result, new applications and products can now be made which were not previously possible, opening up exciting opportunities and a whole new world of technologies. What is Powder Metallurgy? Powder Metallurgy allows new products to be made which were not prev ously possible. a Email: [email protected] .co.nz and enter unsubscribe in to the subject line if you wish to discontinue receiving this newsletter
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February 2010 One exciting research project currently being carried out by PhD student Paul Ewart and other members of the titanium research team at the University of Waikato (led by Professor Deliang Zhang and Associate Professor Brian Gabbitas), involves building up industry knowledge about Powder Injection Moulding (PIM).
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TiDAtalk-Feb2010 - February 2010 In this issue What is...

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