STAT Syllabus BUAD3355 SPRING-2012 rev-1

STAT Syllabus BUAD3355 SPRING-2012 rev-1 - Texas A&M...

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Department of General Business and Management Information Systems COURSE SYLLABUS BAUD 3355 Business Statistics Term : SPRING 2012 Instructor : Alan M. Preston, MHA, Sc.D. Phone : CELL: (210) 710-1983 (ALWAYS E-MAIL or TXT ME FIRST) E-mail : [email protected] Office Hours : TBA Other times by appointment. REQUIRED MATERIALS Textbook Business Statistics in Practice, Bruce Bowerman Calculator You will be required to bring a calculator to every class. No need to purchase a fancy calculator, just one that is functional. Minitab or SPSS: OPTIONAL You can purchase a 6 month rental at a special academic price at Additional instructions are provided at the course website. Microsoft Excel or other comparable spreadsheet software with linear programming and statistical options. You will need the full installation of Excel, including data analysis add-ins, pivot tables, and the Solver add-in. If your current Excel installation is not a full installation, you will need the original installation disk(s). You will need these additional modules in order to complete the required exams and assignments. Additional software Additional software tools may be required, for example, the JAVA SE Runtime Environment, Acrobat Reader, Flash Player and Windows Media Player 9 or later. These tools are either free versions or limited time trial versions, and do not require a purchase. Instructions and website links or additional software will be provided at the course website. Computer Hardware In order to participate in the tutoring sessions you will need a computer with an internet connection, a microphone and speakers/headphones. CALCULATOR You will need a calculator for each and EVERY Class. A Cell phone is not a calculator. Reading Materials Additional reading materials are available at our course website. COURSE PREREQUISITES The prerequisite for this class is MATH 1325 (Mathematics for Business and Economics II) or equivalent. In turn, the prerequisite for MATH 1325 is MATH 1324 (Mathematics for Business and Economics I). The assumption is that your algebra skill level already
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corresponds to that of a typical college algebra course. I have provided an algebra pre- test, so you can assess your algebra background. If you experience difficulties passing this pre-test, you should consider obtaining additional tutoring in algebra. However, learning basic algebra and statistics during the same semester would require a major effort. It would be a challenge to successfully complete this course. COURSE DESCRIPTION Statistical methods as applied to business and economic problem analysis: descriptive statistics, sampling, probability, statistical inference, regression analysis, correlation analysis. COURSE OBJECTIVES
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STAT Syllabus BUAD3355 SPRING-2012 rev-1 - Texas A&M...

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