MGMT 3320.300 ASSIGN. #8- SUMMER 2011

MGMT 3320.300 ASSIGN. #8- SUMMER 2011 - 2 Problems must...

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MGMT 3320.300 SUMMER, 2011 SUPPLY CHAIN AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT #8 Date/Time Due: Wed. Jun 29th; 05:30 pm Special Instructions: 1. Assignment may be submitted as a hard copy or electronically via Blackboard Message on, or before, the date and time due.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Problems must include all calculations for full credit. 3. Please make sure that your name and course + section (3320.300) are noted at the beginning of the assignment. Assignment Scope: Pages 443: Problems #11.11; #11.12a,b,c; #11.13; #11.14...
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