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Practice Problem Tax Year 2010

Practice Problem Tax Year 2010 - Individual Income Taxation...

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Individual Income Taxation Practice Problem Summer 2011 Review the following Documents and prepare a tax return for 2010, in good form, for the taxpayer, your client. Additional information 1. Mr. Auldtymer was born on December 2, 1942. His social security number is 488- 22-0771. 2. Mrs. Auldtymer, Clyde's spouse of 40 years died on October 31, 2008. She was born on August 10, 1944. Her social security number is 42-343-9954. 3. Mr. Auldtymer did not bring a copy of his 2009 tax return, stating that his copy was destroyed in a flood of his home earlier in the year. 4. Mr. Auldtymer' grandson, Clyde Auldtymer, II lives full time with him. Clyde II was born on February 14, 1999. His social security number is 462-35-9922. 5. Mr. Auldtymer sold his business in 2009. He is now retired on Social Security and income from savings and investments. He works part-time, always at night, for SMARMS Club as an electrician and in mechanical systems maintenance. 6. After the death of his wife, Mr. Auldtymer purchased the house at 502 Paradise Avenue in Restful Acres, Arizona for $185,000. His monthly payments are $1,267.
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