BCOM Final Exam Fall 2010

BCOM Final Exam Fall 2010 - BCOM 3304 Final Exam The final...

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BCOM 3304 Final Exam The final exam is a practical exercise in which you create two memos for different time periods and a Conference Record with Notations discussing your handling of a required employment layoff. Situation Wickett’s Household Emporium is a Chicago corporation that purchases, warehouses, and distributes major brands of household furnishings and goods to its retail centers nationwide. You (student) are the sole HR manager for a warehouse in San Antonio, Texas, that distributes to retail stores in the Southwest Texas Region. You control hiring and firing, plus payroll and company benefits, and you have two assistants under you. Slick Wickett, the CEO – Annual MVP and grandson of the Founder, “Bend Over Backwards to Get the Deal Done” Croquette Wickett, is nervous about the national market downturn and the staring eyes of his Board of Directors, all descendants of the Founder, and in an impulsive moment, sends out a memo to all branch directors to “pare the labor fat in all departments down to the muscle, tendon, and bone.” He states in this 30 April 2010 memo to layoff first selected recently hired employees and to have this done no later than 1 June 2010, then begin buy-out agreement discussions with “selected excess baggage” having five or more years employment with the company. Recent Hires John Drive . Hired five months ago as a part-time stockperson for his friendly temperament, enthusiasm, and teamwork background, plus being an on-going college student interested in bettering himself. In a short time, he has made himself indispensable to the general operation. Lettica “Letty” Letdown. A single parent with two dependants who was hired full-time 14 months ago for her accounting and processing skills, plus declaring her determination to stay focused and dependable (She did!) because of need for employment to support her children. Sharpe Tack
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BCOM Final Exam Fall 2010 - BCOM 3304 Final Exam The final...

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