BLAW 4342 950 Syllabus

BLAW 4342 950 Syllabus - GENERAL COURSE INFORMATION Texas...

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GENERAL COURSE INFORMATION Division of Business BLAW 4342 Section 950 Business Law for Accountants Wednesdays, 7:00 pm-8:20 pm GENERAL COURSE INFORMATION COURSE TITLE: Business Law for Accountants, Spring 2011, Texas A&M University – San Antonio, 535 New Laredo Highway, San Antonio, Texas 78211 COURSE DESCRIPTION This course prepares accounting students to evaluate the law associated with business activity and accounting. Topics include the legal system, alternative dispute resolution, product liability, international law, accounting ethics, accounting liability, intellectual property, legal forms of business, contracts, and employment law, specifically pertaining to the accounting field. Instructor Information I am a practicing San Antonio attorney working as a sole practitioner. My legal practice consists primarily of real estate, banking, and business law. Before attending St. Mary’s University School of Law, I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Business from Columbia College, and my Masters Degree in Business from Webster University. Except for law school, my degrees were earned in non-traditional, evening forums, so I understand the hard work necessary to reach educational goals. I am sincerely looking forward to working with each of you and facilitating your understanding of Business Law for Accountants. The legal system is a fascinating thing to study. Judith A. Gray [email protected] ; [email protected] (Personal) 210-865-5918 Instructor Availability I am available online from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. on most days and will attempt to remain after classes on campus if required. If these times are not convenient for you, please let me know. I will be happy to accommodate your schedule, if possible. Thank you. Attendance Please make every attempt to be present at every class. If you are ill, and contagious, please do not come to class, but try to contact me. Multiple unexcused absences will result in a reduction of the overall grade in Participation and Discussions. 1
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Late Assignments and Makeup Exams I will accept late assignments up to one (1) days after the scheduled due date, but with a reduction in the assignment grade. If one of the two major exams is missed, it is possible to make up the exam if the reason for the absence is excused. Plagiarism I will submit your papers, if necessary, to to check for plagiarism. In the event I have evidence of plagiarism, a zero will apply to the assignment and you will be reported for academic misconduct. Incompletes Incomplete grades for the semester will be given only in very rare circumstances and at my discretion. Summary of Assignments/Exams Assignment/Exams Due Grade Points Weekly Participation and Quizzes Weekly 50 Grade Points Final Examination Final Week 50 Grade Points Total 100 Grade Points MAJOR COURSE DESCRIPTION/REQUIREMENT 1. Tests: Multiple Choice/True and False examination on final exam. Fifty Percent (50%) of Grade. 2.
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BLAW 4342 950 Syllabus - GENERAL COURSE INFORMATION Texas...

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