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March 21, 2012 Mr. Jeff Hammer Customer Relations Department Southwest Airlines 485 University Ave Dallas, TX 78999-9900 Dear Mr. Hammer On January 10 th 2012, I went through a discourteous and dissatisfying experience as a passenger on one the Southwest Airlines flight 2887, from Minneapolis to Houston. I had purchased the ticket a month in advance, on December 11 th 2011 at $270. First of all, the flight was supposed to take off at twelve o’clock in the afternoon, but got delayed for five hours and left at late at five. Secondly, the plane was extremely warm inside, giving the outside air conditions of about eighty degrees. I turned the air conditioner button above my seat as instructed, but no air could be felt. I asked the flight attendant if anything else could be done
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Unformatted text preview: and she replied rudely no, without trying to help me. The flight was three hours long and I was not even provided with a glass of water. When the plane landed my shirt was socked and I immediately caught the flu. I request that you review your team of agents, flight attendants, pilots, and refurnish your planes to provide quality customer service. I will have numerous business trips in the next months and will enjoy flying with you and enjoy experiencing proper customer service. Sincerely yours, Christian Yimgnia Accounting Assistant Center for Rural Entrepreneurial Studies 612-222-1122...
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