Getting Started - Getting Started! BA 3301 - How should we...

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Getting Started! BA 3301 - How should we study for this course? What we are not t rying to do here is make you lawyers – beware of developing false confidence that you don’t need a lawyer because you have had this course. That falls in the “penny-wise and pound-foolish category”! A key to this course is the vocabulary – learn the definitions, and understand when words are “terms of art” - that is, they convey a very specific body of information when they are used. If you are comfortable with the terms used in law, particularly as it relates to business, then you will be more effective in communicating with your lawyer. There is a glossary in the back of your text with definitions for the terms you will encounter in the text. Read the syllabus and mark the dates on your planning calendar that you check everyday ! I have put this in bold and underlined it because while it seems a really obvious thing to do, it seems to be the one thing students fail to do. The semester happens faster than you think! It is essential that you hit the ground running and keep running throughout the semester. Otherwise you will be hopelessly behind from the beginning. Pay particular attention to the dates and times of quizzes, the midterm and the final. These are firm, fast dates and times, and there are no make- ups. It is your responsibility to arrange to have access to high-speed internet to complete the tests on those days – no matter where you are in
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Getting Started - Getting Started! BA 3301 - How should we...

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