home assignemnts in Chapter 18

home assignemnts in Chapter 18 - Chapter 18-wages and...

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Chapter 18----wages and unemployment Multiple Choice Questions 1. In the twentieth century, average real wages have risen substantially: A. only in the United States. B. in industrial countries excluding the United States. C. in industrial countries including the United States. D. in neither the United States nor other industrial countries. 2. In the United States the real wages of the least-skilled, least educated workers have ____ and the wages of best-educated, highest skilled workers have ______. A. increased; increased B. declined; increased C. increased; declined D. declined; remained constant 3. Compared to the United States, over the last two decades unemployment in Western Europe is ____ and the rate of job creation is ______. A. higher; slower B. higher; faster C. higher; about the same D. lower; faster 4. The major labor market problem in the United States is ______ and in Western Europe the problem is _______. A. high persistent unemployment; low average wages B. high persistent unemployment; increasing wage inequality C. increasing wage inequality; increasing wage inequality D. increasing wage inequality; high persistent unemployment 5. One trend in labor markets is: A. a decrease in average real wages in the United States and other industrial countries. B. decreasing wage inequality in the United States.
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home assignemnts in Chapter 18 - Chapter 18-wages and...

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