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Chapter 2 Notes - 1

Chapter 2 Notes - 1 - regulate commerce within a state as...

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Ch. 2 Federal form of government – a system of government in which the states form a union and the sovereign power is divided between the central government and the member states Checks and balances – powers of the national government are divided among three separate branches Commerce Clause – provision in the U.S. Constitution that gives Congress the power to regulate interstate commerce “Dormant” commerce clause o Supreme Court held in Gibbons v. Ogden that the national government could
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Unformatted text preview: regulate commerce within a state as long as the commerce doesn’t “unduably burden” commerce involving more than one state The Supremacy Clause – requirement of the U.S. Constitution that provides that the Constitution, laws, and treaties of the U.S. are the “supreme Law of the Land” • Preemption – a doctrine under which certain federal laws preempt, or take precedence over, conflicting state or local laws...
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