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Matthew Davis ENS-314-GS ID#0485433 Assignment 1 1. In my opinion, I think in order for human development to be truly sustainable in both developing and developed countries, humans should be aware of their surroundings, conscience of the fact that that resources are wearing thin, and replace what they take from the environment. Major companies with big influence should have eco-friendly reproduction plants to assist in these efforts. More trees should be planted as well as preserved instead of clearing forest. Farmers and planters should practice soil conservation and livestock reproduction. Electric companies should invest time, money, and energy in furthering the research of hydroelectric power and geothermal energy as back up and even substitute for the future. The population of humans could be monitored and even limited if necessary in overpopulated countries such as India. We should never out grow our resources. I believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to replenish the natural resources that one uses. 2. I feel on the fence about how many resources the average American uses compared to other countries such as India. I feel that Americans hold themselves to a higher living
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