HIS-356-GS ASSIGNMENT 1 - Mathew Davis ID# 0485433...

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Mathew Davis ID# 0485433 HIS-356-GS Assignment 1 1. If asked to sign the Declaration of Independence I would have been honored and excited to sign the document. I believe that if one believes in a cause that he or she should unite as the founding fathers of our great nation did. They believed that “Taxation without Representation” would not be tolerated. The founding fathers of our nation and their peers were just fed up with being pushed around by a King that governed England. Thousands of Miles away the Pilgrims decided to make their own laws and to follow them by signing a document called the Mayflower Act. This document allowed the men to govern themselves. It is then that King George III of England put a tax on everything the colonist bought. He also would not allow the colonist to buy anything unless it was manufactured in England. This forced the colonist into smuggling in goods from other countries which made the King of England very angry. King George III sent soldiers “Red Coats” to the homes of the colonist to search for smuggled goods. The English soldiers carried “Writs of Assistance” which they showed the colonist and then forced their way into the homes to search. A man named James Otis went to court to plead for the colonist. James Otis said, “A man’s house is his castle”. “And I whist he is as well guarded as a prince”. “These writs would destroy what is a basic English liberty”. The colonist we’re asked why they didn’t just pay the taxes and obey the laws of the English Parliament? The colonist we’re Englishmen also and would not settle for being taxed without representation. The British Finally took taxes off everything but tea. The colonist did not agree with this either and said that they would throw the tea off the British ships sent from the East India Company. This brought on the Boston Tea Party. In December 1773 a group of Boston colonist dressed as Native Indians and rowed boats to the East India ships and threw every box of tea over the side of the vessel. King George then sent more British soldiers to Boston and the surrounding areas. They were led by a man
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HIS-356-GS ASSIGNMENT 1 - Mathew Davis ID# 0485433...

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