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updated resume final copy

updated resume final copy -...

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M AT T H E W  E  D AV I S 88 Redoubt Road      Ridgeland, S.C. 29936  (843)- 726-8001     [email protected]  Profile Decorated motor transport mechanic transitioning from the US Marine Corps fleet Marine  Force to civilian contracting -- tour of duty ends September 2011. Highly motivated to  leverage seven years of achievements during Maintenance career to provide dedicated  service for a contracting agency. Qualifications include a pending BA in Psychology  (currently enrolled in Thomas Edison State College); comprehensive field training; and  extensive experience in safety, security details, shop management, tool room management,  inducting vehicles into the maintenance cycle, assuring proper quality control and public- service activities. Key Skills — Law Enforcement & Public  Safety — Emergency Planning &  Response — Security/Surveillance  Operations — Criminal Investigations — Crime Prevention — Traffic Patrol — Evidence Collection — Defensive Tactics — Counterterrorism Strategies — Firearms Safety & Handling — Interviews & Interrogations
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  • Spring '12
  • juan
  • marine corps, Criminal Investigations, Defense Service Medal, Marine Corps fleet, Service Deployment Medal

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